Revolutionize Your Fitness Journey

Fitloop is a cutting-edge business app made for the fitness and wellness industry. Its software and next-generation 3D scanner are accelerators for results that will transform your business, in-line with the latest evolutions in the field.


3D Scanner

Thanks to Fitloop's 3D body scanning technology, it's easier to monitor your clients' progress, including: changes in weight, fat percentage, lean mass, height and muscle tone. It's about more than just aesthetics, because our 3D scanner offers a complete view of the body, helping to identify imbalances and thus update the user's workout, day after day.

Automated and designed to be used independently, this piece of 'equipment' will make your business stand out from competitors and will give users in the Fitloop community a chance to learn more about your fitness centre and your services. Discover the first 3D scanner in the world able to produce a 100% realistic image of the body!


Get ahead of the competition and offer your clients a unique, personalized training experience. A unique product that fully meets all the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and consumers. Our advanced technology will help you grow and efficiently reach your business goals.

Quick and Easy

The management of users and enrolees has been optimized for a user-friendly mobile platform that’s easy to use, and which will help you save time and energy. From your smart phone or tablet, you can organize training sessions and grant clients access to your structure through the Fitloop integrated ecosystem.



The Fitloop community will help you reach a growing number of users thanks to reviews and advertisements that will boost the visibility of your business and the quality of its services. Users who complete a body scan will be updated about the latest news and promotions from your business, thereby becoming potential clients.


Your Benefits

Fitloop comes with powerful built-in artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to monitor client activities and identify areas that you can focus on to improve your services. With our software, you can truly understand the potential of your business, from personnel management to data on sales potential and profitability.


Artificial Intelligence

Say goodbye to long wait times at the reception desk! Thanks to the artificial intelligence built into our software, you can manage and personalize your sales process, from contacts to marketing up to consultations, to determine which service is best adapted to each client. Upon signing the contract via smart phone, membership plans are activated, saving on management costs and increasing sales.


Fitloop Packages

Fitloop has something for everyone, with packages designed for all business needs, from self-employed professionals to large fitness and wellness centres. To us, your satisfaction and results are what count!


Fitloop Skills

Fitloop is an enticing, user friendly and innovative app.
The Fitloop advantage is the scalability it offers. With the characteristics and potential of a 3D body scanner, our product isn't limited to just fitness, and it can be applied to many other potential industries: fashion, clothing, gaming, web3, the metaverse, etc.
A network of contacts that's available to your business!

Got questions?

Welcome to our FAQ!

Below you’ll find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products and services, to help you fully understand the Fitloop ecosystem.

If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, our support team is always here to offer you assistance.

Does your app also include a system for the creation of training plans?


Yes, absolutely! We offer a database with 5,000 exercises, about 2,000 food products, supplements, and an infinite combination of personalized workouts and diets, through a planning system with push notifications for the end user and constant monitoring of progress, to have all the data at hand once the plan is completed.

How long does the 3D scan take?


It takes no more than a minute to get a body scan which will produce a 100% realistic 3D avatar, available on the client's account in no time at all.

Can your software manage access to my fitness centre too?


Of course! All thanks to a user-friendly feature that’s found on the client's smart phone. It’s then possible to adapt your systems and/or change them to give clients the freedom to access your structure without a card or badge, with nothing more than the app.

Does your app support marketing activities?


Of course! The CRM 4.0 process and the implementation of artificial intelligence for database optimization will be integrated, enabling our software to process and create complete marketing plans. All communications can be automated, from the most complex to the simplest, making them immediate and efficient.

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